Our story

From the top!

The Jarvis project started as something of a one-sided, self-inflicted challenge to see what was required to build a chatbot. Since then, Jarvis has become something far bigger than that early sub-bot congratulating new subscribers in Twitch Chat.

Not long after the early twitch bot started to come together, we partnered with TWIG (Team Worldwide International Gamers), who's community of streamers provided their ideas and suggestions to help shape the features of the bot. Soon after that, we also started working on a Discord identity that would provide a continuous experience "on and off the field", so to speak.

The Discord bot grew to provide Live announcements when a streamer went live, and automatically dropped clips into the discord so everyone could relive the memes and the epic shots together.

In early 2020 we launched the Beta of the new bot. The new bot was built with a more robust architecture that allowed us to scale past the 100 person limit we had with the existing bot.
It wasn't the first re-write of the code-base, but it was definately the biggest, with several restarts along the way to try and make sure we got it right.

In the coming weeks we'll be launching the JarvisCore, (the framework we use to run our twitch bot) and making it available to you to build your own bot. You're welcome to use the JarvisCore to run your own bot, and use Jarvis right alongside it.
We're looking forward to see what you build!

A lot has changed since we launched Jarvis, but we hope there will be a long road ahead of us as we continue to support streamers and their communities. Your support to-date has been incredible and we're looking forward to all the cool things that will come next.

<3 Cubbei, 2020