Bot Commands

Understanding the commands list

Commands that have pointy brackets (< >) are mandatory options that need to be provided, commands with square brackets ([ ]) are optional.

As an example, a command with <message> would require a message to be entered - these are common in scheduled messages, or commands. Whereas, a command with [id] takes an optional ID that alters the functionality, e.g. selecting a single quote rather than a random quote from the quote pool.

Commands that have a Mod icon can only be used by Moderators in the channel.

Built-in Twitch Commands

You can use !jarvis as a keyword to control how jarvis works.

Use !jarvis [add | edit | delete] <command> <message> to create some new commands.

Managing Discord

There's only some very basic functionality enabled in Discord at the moment, so if there are any features you'd like to prioritise please reach out in the [Looking for Jarvis](/discord) Discord server or reach us on Twitter [@jarvisontwitch](

  • !notify: Mod

    The Notify command is used to set the channel you want to get twitch live announcements in. The notify channel must be set prior to enabling any follow notifications.

  • !follow <channel>: Mod

    The follow command is used to subscribe to notifications about a twitch streamer going live. All live announcements will mention `@here` and post to the channel that has been set using the `!notify` command.

  • !unfollow <channel>: Mod

    Use unfollow to stop following a channel and getting announcements.

  • !role [add|delete] <rolename>: Anyone

    Jarvis can assign and un-assign roles that are below him in the role hierarchy. Ensure you have Administrator or Manage Roles permissions enabled.

  • !add role <rolename>: Mod

    Create a role in a discord server. The role is created with basic permissions - you will need to add any customisation as required.

Discord: General

General commands that can be used in Discord.

  • !stats aoe <username>: Anyone

    Get the player stats for Age of Empires 2. More games will be added soon. Check back here to see what games are available. Want a particular game? Send us a message on Twitter

Discord: Among us

This is a special series of commands to help manage players in an Among Us lobby. These are still in `Beta` so if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us! We'd love your feedback.

  • !au: Anyone

    Displays the commands list for among us commands.

  • !au manage [voice-channel-name | voice-channel-id]: Anyone

    Set the voice channel to monitor for the Among Us game. The channel must be set before the other commands can be run. *note: Channel may periodically be reset*

  • !au [mute | start]: Anyone

    Mute and deafen all players in the voice chat. Use this when the game starts to make sure no one accidentally spills the beans!

  • !au lobby: Anyone

    Un-deafen all players, use this when a meeting is called or a body has been found. Active players will need to unmute themselves to talk. Dead players can remain on mute.

  • !au end: Anyone

    Un-mute and un-deafen all players in the voice channel. Use this when the game is ending to allow everyone to speak again.

Basic Twitch Commands

These commands are some generic ones to get you started. Things like 'ShoutOuts' and 'Uptime' can be found in this section.

  • !uptime: Anyone

    Uptime is a simple command to check how long a stream has been live

  • !song [info]: Anyone

    If Spotify is connected, you will be able to request information about the currently playing song using `!song`. If you would like additional information, using `!song info` will provide further details, like the album the song comes from, and a direct link to the song on Spotify.

  • !multi: Anyone

    Show the multi-stream link when you're playing with another streamer. __related: See set multi below in the mods section__

  • !request <song_request>: Sub

    Allows your community to request songs and adds them to a Spotify playlist. The command is disabled by default **and** restricted to subs only by default, but can be changed in your settings panel. __note: You must authorise Spotify to use this command__

Twitch Moderation

Configure your level of moderation for twitch chat.

  • !allow <username>: Mod

    Allow a user to post a link into twitch chat. Link moderation settings can be customised from the manage **settings page** in your dashboard.

Community Support

These commands can be used by the community to show their support for their favourite streamers.

  • !following: Anyone

    Get yourself some cred and rep how long you've been following your favourite streamer for! Shows how long you've been following the stream.

  • !so <streamer>: Anyone

    **Shout out** a friend or perhaps someone who hosted or raided your stream.

  • !lurk: Anyone

    A command for showing support to your streamer when you're just chilling watching the stream and not heavily involved with the conversation in Twitch Chat.


Wouldn’t it be nice if chat could entertain themselves for a while? Why not try a couple of these when you’re waiting for a loading screen?

  • !dice: Anyone

    Roll 2 random 6 sided dice. Every double is a winner!

  • !slots: Anyone

    Send a randomised result in 3 fields in the form `[ x | x | x ]` - Try your hand at getting all three to line up!

  • !8ball <question>: Anyone

    Sometimes a little encouragement is what you need 😀 Consult the 8-Ball and see how 'encouraging' it can be.

Fun Stuff

This stuff is just for fun, simple little emotes and reactions to keep chat entertained :)

  • !coffee: Anyone

    Sends 2 messages, the first response is to the invoker then Jarvis waits a moment, and brings coffee.

  • ![snack|snacks|food]: Anyone

    Sends 2 – 3 messages to the invoker, the first greets the user, the next 1 – 2 messages will be the food delivery. The greeting and the food delivery are randomised and will vary with each invocation.

Moderator Only (Twitch)

These commands can only be used by a moderator.

  • !sc [title | game] <new title / game name>: Mod

    **Stream Controls** (SC) Updates the stream title, or the game being played directly from chat. NB: **Requires the settings to be enabled on the settings panel to be used. Set to *Off* by default**

  • !multi [<stream> <stream>]: Mod

    Create a multi-stream link for your chat when playing along with a friend. Specify a stream/channel to update the multi-stream link.

  • !multi clear: Mod

    Removes the current `!multi` configuration - it's generally recommended to clear the multi config when you're not using it so no one accidentally gets the wrong message 😑